File No. 300.11/8a

The Secretary of State to the Ambassadors and Ministers in European Countries

[Circular telegram]

You are authorized to issue emergency passports to American citizens who request them. Inform Department if additional blank passports are needed. May temporarily use typewritten forms if necessary. Direct all consular officers to advise American citizens within their districts to register and to give duplicate certificates of registration, with wafer seals attached, to all persons registered who do not bear passports. In case of emergency certificates of registration may be issued directly from consular agencies. Standing instructions concerning expatriation are to be observed. Afford protection to all Americans needing or requesting it. Communicate Department each request for financial assistance, with circumstances of case, and United States address of relatives, and whether consuls have difficulty in drawing on Department for funds deposited by relatives. Advise Americans to avoid remote places and unnecessary risks and to stay in capitals or large cities near sailing ports if they must remain abroad.