File No. 817.00/1593.

The Secretary of State to the American Minister.


Inform Diaz that the Government of the United States renews assurances of its support in assisting his Government in so far as it properly may; that this Government has taken note of his pledge to you—and therefore to this Government—not to resign.

Since Diaz is the constitutional President, recognized by this Government as such, Mena must see it to be indispensable to his own interests that Diaz remain in office.

Impress Diaz with the value of harmony with Mena, so as to execute effectively the pledges signed by him and Mena and delivered to Dawson.

It would be the manifest duty of the United States Government to continue to recognize the constitutional authorities in case of irreconcilable differences between the Executive and any faction.

Inform Diaz that the Yorktown has been ordered from Panama to watch for the reported filibuster and intercept her if warranted by circumstances. Also that the Costa Rican Government has been informed of the expected arrival of Espinosa and Moncada.