File No. 417.00/72.

The Acting Secretary of State to the American Chargé d’Affaires.


The Spanish text of the amendments as submitted in the legation’s No. 101, of August 7, 1911, which differs slightly from that telegraphed July 29, is entirely satisfactory to the Government of the United States. You may so inform the Nicaraguan Government, and if you believe it will aid in carrying out the general program, you may do so at once. The Department has withheld its decision because it believes the matter of the decree ought to be considered after consideration of the loan, as the usefulness of the mixed commission depends very largely on the loan. This Government, however, would be satisfied with a simultaneous consideration of the loan and the mixed commission decree. When these two matters have been favorably acted on, the Department will be glad to consider the nomination of a successor to Moffat, and it is suggested that meantime the Nicaraguan Government terminate relations with him.