File No. 417.00/4.

The Acting Secretary of State to the American Minister.


You will exchange notes with the Nicaraguan Government making final arrangements for the constitution and establishment of the proposed claims commission under the plan set forth in the Department’s February 27, and recommending Moffat as the second commissioner.

The Department regards it as futile to establish a commission the legality of which may later be questioned. The Nicaraguan Government should take measures to insure the legality, and you will in this connection invoke the note of the minister for foreign affairs of November 5, 1910, to Mr. Dawson, and also the agreement of various party leaders, of which you have received copies marked “Inclosure 1” and “Inclosure 2” in the Department’s instructions to you dated January 20, 1911. You will be especially careful to cause the scope of the jurisdiction of the proposed claims commission to be clearly identical with that indicated in paragraph 4 of the Department’s instruction to you of January 20, 1911.1

  1. For the text of the agreement and instructions, see “Political affairs.”