File No. 417.00/21.

The Minister for Foreign Affairs to the American Minister.


Mr. Minister: Referring to your excellency’s courteous communication of the 7th of this March, relative to the constitution of the tribunal proposed by Mr. Tomás Martínez, former minister of Nicaragua, in his note of November 5, 1910, addressed to the Hon. Thomas C. Dawson, I have the honor to reply to your excellency that I have received instructions from my Government to say to your excellency that, after a careful examination of the reforms or modifications which your excellency was pleased to propose acting under instructions from the Government of the United States of America, the Nicaraguan Government accepts these modifications, which may be interpreted to mean the guaranteeing of the solidity of the tribunal, the validity of its acts, the efficacy of its decisions, and the avoidance of all difficulty for Nicaragua which may arise from decisions rendered in matters in which foreigners may be interested.

In regard to this matter it is my honor to inform your excellency that my Government would be very much obliged to your excellency if you would please acquaint us, in so far as you may deem appropriate, with your opinion on this point.

I avail, etc.,

Joaquin Gomez.