File No. 312.112 B61/58.

The Mexican Ambassador to the Secretary of State.

No. 1425.]

Excellency: Under a generous decision of the President of the Mexican Republic, Gen. Don Porflrio Diaz, which was received with applause in Mexico and the United States, the young men Blatt and Converse were set free and my Government believes it would be very advisable not to let any of the questions arising from the incident above-mentioned stand.

Judicial proceedings have been instituted by the authorities of El Paso, Tex., against the persons who arrested Blatt and Converse. Warrants have been issued for the arrest not only of those men but also of the brother of one of them, Ascension Archuleta, who has been arrested. He is worthy of commendation for his good conduct and the willingness With which he always served my Government.

I leave to the benevolence of the Government of the United States, already evidenced by its notes replete with friendly sentiments in the case under consideration, the form in which, aside from any question of jurisdiction now ponding as regards the place where Blatt and Converse were arrested, the authorities of the United States can even now deliver a decision which would free from all danger of liability or molestation the captors Deogracias Archuleta, Ramón Núñez and Leonard Zambrano and the above-named Ascensión Archuleta, who was arrested under the warrants issued against the others which did not concern him.

I avail [etc.],

M. de Zamacona.