File No. 312.112 B61/32.

The American Ambassador to the Secretary of State.

No. 419.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose to the Department for its information in connection with the case of Converse and Blatt, copy of a note from the Mexican consul at El Paso, Tex., which has been furnished the embassy by the foreign office, reporting upon their condition in the district jail at Ciudad Juárez.

I have [etc.],

Henry Lane Wilson.

The Mexican Consul at El Paso, Tex., to the Secretary for Foreign Affairs.

I have the honor to inform you that, complying with your message of yesterday relative to prisoners Converse and Blatt, I went to see the jefe politico of the district of Bravos and together with this officer I visited the jail where the prisoners are detained, who apparently are in good health. It is true that the cells where they live are not very comfortable; but, in the first place, they are identical to all others of the same jail, and second, the prisoners have not provided themselves, as they could have done, with beds to sleep on.

The jefe político told me he would do what he could in behalf of the prisoners.

I renew [etc.],

Tomas Torres.