File No. 713.001/13.

The President of Costa Rica to the American Minister.


My Dear Mr. Merry: Mr. Astúa Aguilar referred to me the interview that he had had with you with respect to the edifice of the Central American Court of Justice. I learnt from him that although you do not treat this affair as one of those of the legation which is in your worthy charge, you desired to bring to the knowledge of the Government of Costa Rica the attitude of Mr. Carnegie with respect to this affair. My Government can do no less than acknowledge once more the generous undertaking of Mr. Carnegie and it has not the least objection to make to Mr. Carnegie’s intention not to construct the building once more in the city of Cartago. We desire that the Central American Court of Justice shall fulfill the mission assigned to it by its creators, but we are entirely indifferent as to the place where it exercises its functions. Otherwise, my firm intention is not to interfere at all in the execution of the work; but as Mr. Astúa spoke to me of the suggestion that I understand you were pleased to make respecting the necessity of modifying the Washington treaty in order to change the regular seat of the court, I am agreeable that the Government of Costa Rica should propose the necessary modifications of the treaty in the next Central American conference which will meet in Guatemala City at the beginning of next January. With [Page 91] this purpose and to justify the proposal of Costa Rica, I beg you, if you approve, to so authorize me, in order that the representative of Costa Rica may affirm in the conference that Mr. Carnegie is disposed to reconstruct the edifice, always providing that the building be constructed not in Cartago, but in another place in Costa Rica to be decided by the court with the acquiescence of Mr. Carnegie, although this last circumstance is not considered in the amendment which will be made to the Washington treaty, and in order that said representative of Costa Rica may declare that our Government has knowledge of the decision of Mr. Carnegie through the channel of the American legation that you so ably conduct.

I remain [etc.],

Ricardo Jiménez.