File No. 893.331–1/19.

Rear Admiral Ching to the Secretary of State.

Sir: I have the honor to inform you that cruiser Hai Chi will sail from New York to Habana to-morrow morning, the 25th instant.

During our stay in New York we have thoroughly enjoyed your hospitality, and I feel very grateful for the courtesy you have extended to me. Commander G. F. Cooper, United States Navy, who is kindly sent to assist me by the Navy Department, has rendered me valuable service. His capabilities in managing affairs and his ever readiness to attend to all I wanted have helped make my sojourn in your country very pleasant indeed.

I beg hereby to thank you most heartily for all your courtesies, and hope that you will excuse my not coming personally to say farewell to you.

I have, etc.,

P. K. Ching, I. C. N.,
Rear Admiral.