File No. 812.00/450.

The American Ambassador to the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Mr. Minister: It is a source of regret to me to find myself compelled to call your excellency’s attention thus officially to conditions prevailing in Guadalajara which are a menace to the life and property of Americans residing there. Yesterday afternoon I had the honor to say to your excellency that anti-American demonstrations had taken place, and that I had wholly trustworthy information to the effect that rioting would again break out last night. I indicated the serious results that would follow from such a state of affairs. Notwithstanding this warning, to which I do not doubt your excellency immediately responded, a mob was permitted to gather, and, in an attack upon the home of Mr. Carothers, became so violent that he was obliged to use firearms in protecting his life and property. He shot into the mob, killing one person and wounding another.

I feel therefore that I must again most urgently caution your excellency as to the state of affairs at Guadalajara, and insist that every possible step be taken to prevent a recrudescence of the lawlessness which resulted in the deplorable attack upon an unoffending American [Page 358] citizen and the consequently unavoidable but useless death of last night.

I avail [etc.],

Henry Lane Wilson.