File No. 812.00/362.

The Secretary of State to the Mexican Ambassador.

Excellency: Referring to my two previous notes1 to your excellency and to our personal conference of this date, I have the honor to inform you that I have just received a telegram from the President,2 in which he directs me to communicate through your excellency a personal message from him to the President of the Republic of Mexico; that the Government of the United States has the utmost confidence in the desire of President Díaz to allay all troubles between the two countries and in his determination to suppress all unlawful violence or insults to Americans in Mexico. The President adds that he will use all efforts to punish those guilty of the crime recently committed against Antonio Rodríguez in Texas.

Accept [etc.],

P. C. Knox.
  1. Not printed.
  2. Who was aboard the U. S. S. Tennessee, at sea.