File No. 158.931/89a.

The Secretary of State to the Russian Chargé d’Affaires.

No. 209]

Sir: Due to the interest of the Imperial Russian Government in a scientific investigation of the causes of the plague in the Chinese Empire—so very natural owing to the special menace to contiguous territory and the residence of large numbers of Russian subjects at various points along the Chinese Eastern Railway—as displayed in the communication you have made on this subject, I hasten to inform you that in response to the invitation of the Imperial Chinese Government, the American National Red Cross, as the usual agency of the United States in such matters, is placing at the disposition of the Chinese Government Dr. Richard P. Strong, Ph. B., M. D., chief of the biological laboratory, bureau of science, Philippine Government; professor of tropical medicine, University of the Philippines; late surgeon, Medical Corps, United States Army, who will be authorized to make his investigations in such localities and in such manner as the Government of China may desire and in accordance with any coordination of the efforts of other foreign physicians that may be arranged by it at Peking.

In acknowledging your previous communications, it is hardly necessary for me to say that this Government’s refraining from a discussion of the question which might possibly be involved in your use of the phrase “conceded zone of the Eastern Chinese Railroad” should in no wise be interpreted as implying any modification of the well-defined views of the United States as to the situation apparently referred to.

Accept, etc.,

P. C. Knox.