File No. 158.931/69.

The Russian Chargé d’Affaires to the Secretary of State.


The Chinese Government has requested the Imperial Russian Government to appoint a physician in order to study the plague centers in Manchuria and to devise means to combat this disease. The physician is to be in the pay of China. A similar request has been also addressed to all the other powers with whom China entertains friendly relations. The Imperial Russian Government has decided to give their assent to this request, as they see in it a way toward bringing about the idea which they have expressed of the expediency of obtaining the consent of the Chinese Government to intrust to foreign specialists the care of researching the causes of the plague epidemic in Manchuria.

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It goes without saying that it shall be the duty of the physicians which either the Russian or any other friendly power may send in aid to the Chinese Government to devote their work exclusively to Chinese territory outside the conceded zone of the Eastern Chinese Railroad.

The Imperial Russian Embassy has received telegraphic orders to bring the above to the notice of the United States Government.