File No. 765.67/42.

The Italian Chargé d’Affaires to the Secretary of State.

declaration of the italian government.

By order of his Government the Italian chargé d’affaires has the honor to make the following declaration to the Federal American Government:

The Government of the United States is already aware of the questions regarding Tripolitania and Cyrenaica which have for a long time been the subject of discussion between Italy and Turkey. The negotiations which have resulted from the many incidents which have occurred bear witness to the patience and consideration which have guided the Royal Government until now in its efforts to secure by amicable means redress for its wrongs. The situation has, however, only grown worse to such an extent that further negotiations would be as dangerous as useless. The Royal Government would have failed in its first duty by further postponing the carrying out of the measures necessary for the direct protection of the dignity of the Kingdom and of the rights and interests of its nationals. Suggestions were recently made to the Ottoman Goverment looking to the bringing about of this desired object by common accord. The plan was to bring about the Italian occupation of Tripolitania and Cyrenaica, and to determine by a later agreement the final position of these countries. This final effort having likewise failed, the Royal Government has been under the painful necessity of resorting to the force of arms to attain its object.

Italy, therefore, now finds itself in a state of war with Turkey, and a formal declaration to this effect has just been addressed to the Sublime Porte.

The Government of the King has the honor to communicate this to the Government of the United States in accordance with the provisions of the International Convention of The Hague of October 17, 1907.

The object pursued by the Italian Government coincides with the interests of all the foreigners residing in Tripolitania and Cyrenaica and with the interests of civilization, the benefits of which it hopes to assure to regions neglected for so long a time, and in which the economic activity of the nationals of all countries can develop without hindrance, because of the regime of liberty and progress which the Royal Government has the intention of there establishing.

The Royal Government therefore expresses the firm confidence that the sympathies of the nations will not fail to follow the accomplishment of its task.