File No. 815.00/1229.

The President of the United States to the President of Honduras.


I have received Your Excellency’s telegram as evidence of your sincere desire to prevent useless bloodshed and disastrous waste of the already depleted resources of your country and as a fresh token of your appreciation of the fact that the Government of the United States is animated solely by a sincere desire to do what it can, within proper limits, to further the prosperity and welfare of the people of Honduras.

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The importance of the loan negotiations to which you allude lies in their being a contributory means to the same end and this Government’s interest is because their object commends itself alike to all true friends of the people of Honduras for whose benefit, and only with whose sanction, its consummation is desired.

You will have learned from our minister of what this Government has been able to do in offering its good offices to secure peaceful adjustment of the pending difficulties and to prevent fratricidal conflict.

Wm. H. Taft.