File No. 815.00/1054A.

The Secretary of State to the American Minister.


Mr. Knox instructs Mr. McCreery to inform the President of Honduras that the following telegraphic instruction was sent on this date to the commanding officer in Honduran waters:

You are authorized to take such military measures as may be necessary to prevent any fighting in Puerto Cortes, and you may accept the cooperation of the British commander in such measures.

In notifying Manuel Bonilla that the whole city of Puerto Cortes is to be treated as noncombatant ground, you will urge upon him an immediate armistice, assuring him, in that case, of the impartial good offices of the United States, and impress upon him that in offering its mediation to prevent further useless bloodshed the Government of the United States is actuated by a desire to serve the best interests of Honduras by measures tending to prevent violation of the neutrality laws of the United States and in accordance with the moral relation of the United States Government to the situation under the Washington conventions, as well as to protect its own interests; that in now placing itself at the disposition of both parties to compose by peaceful means a disastrous controversy the Government of the United States stands ready to seek to secure terms satisfactory to both, including such settlement of any question of the presidency as would best represent the will of the people of Honduras and the legitimate aspirations of all parties, consistent with adequate guaranties of peace and stability.

Inform Bonilla that a similar communication has been sent to President Dávila and say that the decks of the American naval vessels present will be offered for the purpose of negotiations in the presence of a representative of the United States, whose kindly counsel will be at the disposition of both parties.