File No. 838.00/633.


On the morning of August 7 a mutual friend of the minister and Leconte was sent to assure the minister that there was no truth in the report that he had made an alliance with or promises to Germany, and to affirm that he was most friendly toward the United States and realized that any other policy would be fatal. Leconte expressed a desire to visit the minister, which under the circumstances the latter did not encourage. Mr. Furniss said the Government of the United States desired to see a good stable government in Haiti and would look upon any alliance with European powers as a menace to such. Mr. Furniss says that the Germans have made large advances to the Leconte movement, and he is informed by a bank director that they have offered to lend Leconte about $200,000. He is investigating the matter. The French minister thinks if the loan is made that it should be made through the bank which has French and American interests. Mr. Furniss adds that a loan must be made as there is no money available and there is little revenue left to pledge. Firmin arrived on this date but was not permitted to land.