File No. 838.00/603.


Mr. Furniss says that in a long interview with the President the latter stated that a revolt that was attempted at Aux Cays the day before was prevented by Government forces, with several casualties. [Page 284] The President expects Jeremie and vicinity, which revolted under a false impression, to lay down arms; the cruiser Antoine Simon is there, and while the President realizes that the situation is serious he will not surrender the Government until it is absolutely necessary. He has little confidence in the officials surrounding him and fears they will desert at the approach of danger. He seems to rest his hopes upon Aux Cays, but will await return of the gunboat from the south before deciding what he will do. If it becomes necessary for him to leave Haiti the United States will have to use a strong hand to prevent incendiarism, massacre, and pillage. In view of the numerous candidates to succeed him he feels sure that they will engage in active combat, and thinks it especially desirable that the United States should be prepared to prevent this. The President renewed his promise to prevent the soap monopoly. The Peoria reports Gonaives and Port de Paix quiet, and states that an American company at the latter place was delayed in loading a ship because the revolutionary committee insisted upon collecting duties instead of allowing payment to an agent of the bank, as the law requires.