File No. 838.00/602.


It is persistently reported that Aux Cays, the home town of the President, has revolted; the situation is becoming more serious, as other towns in the west have revolted; sentiment is strongly in favor of Simon leaving the country at once; most of the cabinet are of this opinion but are afraid to advise him; prominent men state that Simon’s remaining complicates the situation; may prevent competent respectable persons from obtaining control of the Government and may lead to unnecessary bloodshed; this opinion the minister shares. He has been asked to inform the President of the true conditions and to advise him to leave, but has refused to do so, stating that he can take no such step. Congress is hurriedly passing numerous concessions because of better terms offered, and it is impossible to keep track of legislation. The consul at Port de Paix reports quiet there, but thinks the committee incompetent to maintain order.