File No. 841.001G29/42.

The British Ambassador to the Secretary of State.

Dear Mr. Secretary: I have received the following telegram from the foreign office with regard to the arrangements as regards exchange of visits and salutes by commanders of foreign warships at Portsmouth on the occasion of the coronation of His Majesty King George V.


Admiralty propose following arrangements at Portsmouth as regards exchange of visits and salutes:

All foreign flags and representatives of captains to meet at Admiralty House, Portsmouth, residence of commander in chief at 11 a.m., Tuesday, June 20. Commander in chief will make mutual presentations of all those who would otherwise make and return visits on each other. This meeting to be regarded [Page 254] as fulfilling all formal requirements as to exchange of visits. Salutes to be limited to, firstly, salutes to the national flag on arrival to be returned by shore battery; secondly, salutes to flag of commander in chief which will be returned by H. M. S. Lord Nelson. All salutes to other flag officers present (British and foreign) and all personal salutes (such as military and consular officers paying visits) to be waived.

I should be very grateful if you would communicate the substance of this letter to the competent Department of your Government in order that His Majesty’s Government may be informed at the earliest opportunity whether these arrangements will suit the convenience of, your Government and receive their concurrence.

I am, etc.,

James Bryce.