File No. 722.2315/571.

The Chilean Minister to the Secretary of State.

No. 12.]

Sir: Upon taking Chargé of this legation, I received special instructions from my Government to express to your excellency the gratification with which my Government learned through Mr. Yoacham, at the time Chilean chargé d’affaires, how your excellency appreciated the efforts of the Chilean Government to induce Ecuador to consent to submitting to the Tribunal of The Hague the settlement of the recent controversy with Peru. I may assure your excellency [Page 185] that both by reason of the old friendship binding Chile to Ecuador, and in order to serve the interests of peace on the continent (to which end the policy of the United States is also earnestly directed) my Government will continue to labor resolutely for the purpose of finding a peaceful and satisfactory settlement of such difficulties.

My Government took note with no less satisfaction of the lofty and friendly manifestations of that impartiality and moderation on which your excellency declared the policy of the State Department to be based with regard to the Tacna and Arica question between Chile and Peru. The declaration made by your excellency, also during the incumbency of the chargé d’affaires, to the effect that you hope this question will be settled by the countries concerned without any foreign interference, not only shows the spirit of consideration and friendship with which your excellency is animated toward those two nations, but also involves at the same time a just homage to their sovereignty. All of which contributes, without doubt, effectively toward strengthening the cordial and laudable rapprochement between your excellency’s country and the Latin-American nations.

Congratulating myself on the fact that I am able to begin my official relations with your excellency on so agreeable a subject, as it were, I have the honor to express to your excellency the assurances, etc.,

Edw. Suárez.

Note.—Between the above and the following dates reference may be had to the Message of July 20 of the President of Colombia (see Colombia); of Peru, read July 28 (see Peru); and of Ecuador, read August 10 (see above, Message of the President to the Congress).