File No. 839.001/5½.

The American Chargé d’Affaires to the Secretary of State.


Mr. Endicott reports that the funeral of President Cáceres took place on this date attended by all the Government ministers, the diplomatic corps and military and civil authorities. He says the city continues quiet and that Velasquez states that the Government has the situation under perfect control. Two decrees were proclaimed on this date by the Government ministers assuming Chargé of Executive power under the constitution, the first decreeing mourning for nine days, and the second convoking Congress on the 30th instant to name provisional President pending the regular elections. The murderer of the President, Luis Tejera, was captured and shot. An accessory, Gen. Pimentel, was also killed, and many arrests have been made. The minister of fomento, who is a brother of Luis Tejera, has been removed from the Cabinet.