File No. 738.3915/44.

The Secretary of State to the American Minister to Haiti.


The Government, of the Dominican Republic has informed the American minister at Santo Domingo that the troops have been withdrawn, that it accepts the good offices of the Government of the United States, and that it agrees to the suspension of further construction on the road long enough to arrive at an arbitral decision. The Government of the Dominican Republic suggests that the Haitian troops be withdrawn now from the frontier and that it desires to hear that the Government of Haiti is ready to enter into negotiations for a convention for arbitration of the pending question. Instructs him to make urgent representations to the Government of Haiti for the withdrawal of the troops, and to inform that Government that the Government of the United States would gladly assist in the negotiations of that convention if the ministers of Haiti and the Dominican Republic at Washington are appropriately instructed.


The same mutatis mutandis to the American minister at Santo Domingo.