File No. 17147/4A.

The Secretary of State to Minister Bryan.


Mr. Knox refers to the department’s telegram of April 30, 1909, regarding the tariff act approved by the President August 5, 1909, requiring that notice be given of the termination of all commercial agreements entered into under section 3 of the tariff act of July 24, 1897, and by direction of the President of the United States instructs Mr. Bryan to give notice to the Government of Portugal as of date of August 7 of the intention of the Government of the United States to terminate commercial agreements concluded between the United States and Portugal on May 22, 1899, and November 19, 1902, one year from the date of this notice, namely, August 7, 1910. Mr. Knox adds that formal notice of this intention has been given this day to the Portuguese legation in Washington.