File No. 295/274.

Memorandum to the French Embassy.2

The Government of the United States will have no objection to France and Spain being intrusted for another year with the duty of preventing the introduction of contraband into Moroccan territory, under the same conditions as last year, provided the other signatory powers give their consent and the commission of the Maghzen is obtained, the understanding of the United States being that the officers of the French and Spanish warships are to participate in the search of the various merchant vessels which may be suspected of introducing contraband into Moroccan territory, within the territorial waters, merely in the capacity of representative pro tempore of the customs service in Morocco, in accordance with what is deemed to be the true meaning and intent of articles 24, 25, 80, and 91 of the Algeciras act.

  1. Mutatis mutandis to the Spanish Legation in Washington.