File No. 594/49.

Minister Dodge to the Secretary of State.

No. 122.]

Sir: Referring to my dispatch, No. 85, of October 7 last1 in regard to my action to secure permission for the Gospel Missionary Union, of Kansas City, to rent a house in the Moorish quarter of Mequinez, I have the honor to inform you that I have now received from Sid Mohamed ben Mohamed El Guebbass, the Sultan’s representative here, a note inclosing a communication from Kaid Sid Aissa ben Omar, the grand vizier, in reply to my note to him, of which a copy was inclosed in my dispatch above referred to. I inclose translations of both the note from Sid Guebbass and that from Sid Aissa. It will be seen that the grand vizier states that he has brought my note to the Sultan’s knowledge, and that the Sultan ordered that instructions should be issued to the governor of Mequinez urgently commanding him to secure there a house to be rented by these missionaries. The note adds that these instructions have already been sent to the governor.

In a conversation recently with Sid Guebbass, he spoke of this matter, and told me that he had transmitted to the grand vizier not only my note, but a faithful statement of my verbal arguments and remarks to him, according to my request, and that all had been brought to the Sultan’s attention.

I have informed the Reverend George C. Reed, who is at Mequinez, of the above, and I trust that he may now be able to secure such a house as the Gospel Missionary Union desires. Should any further difficulties arise, however, I will do all I can to have them removed. As yet I have heard nothing from Mr. Reed.

I have, etc.,

H. Percival Dodge.
[Inclosure 1.—Translation.]

The Sultan’s Representative at Tangier to Minister Dodge.

We beg to inform your excellency that His Shereefian Majesty has granted permission to your citizens to rent a suitable house at Mequinez, in accordance with your excellency’s request of Ramadan 21 last (October 6, 1909).

The answer to your excellency’s letter from the vizier for foreign affairs of His Shereefinan Majesty is herewith inclosed.

Mohamed ben Mohamed El Guebbass.
[Inclosure 2.—Translation.]

The Grand Vizier to Minister Dodge.

We have received your excellency’s letter explaining regarding the house at Mequinez which your excellency had formerly requested to be rented to certain [Page 439] citizens of yours and requesting that Shereefian orders be issued to the governor of Mequinez to assist and do his best in securing the same.

We have brought your excellency’s letter to His Majesty’s knowledge and he (may the Almighty preserve him) has issued orders to the said governor urgently commanding him to secure there a house to be rented to them. The said orders have already been sent to the Basha. May you remain with joy and in peace.

Aissa ben Omar.
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