File No. 594/36–37.

Minister Gummeré to the Secretary of State.

Sir: Referring to my unnumbered dispatch of the 16th instant regarding the house for American missionaries at Mequinez, I have received from Sid Mohamed Ben Guebbass, the Sultan’s representative at Tangier, a reply to my letter addressed to him on the 15th instant, a copy of which was inclosed in my said dispatch, and have the honor to inclose herewith a translation of the said letter for the department’s information.

I am, etc.

S. R. Gummeré.

The Sultan’s representative at Tangier to Minister Gummeré.

We have received your excellency’s letter of the 22d of Safaar (March 15, 1909), regarding the permission requested by your citizens to secure a house at Mequinez, outside the Mellah, explaining the course taken in this case under the former Government, and pointing out what happened with the communication addressed by your excellency to the vizier of foreign affairs and of the delay in answering the same. Your excellency requests us to bring this matter [Page 437] to the knowledge of His Shereefian Majesty, and to demand explanation as to the delay in answering your said communication.

We have taken note.

We beg to inform your excellency that we have immediately forwarded a copy of your excellency’s said letter to His Shereefian Majesty, begging His Shereefian Majesty at the same time to urge the sending of His Majesty’s answer which, if God pleases, will prove satisfactory to your excellency.

Yet we beg your excellency to admit our apologies concerning that delay which is of course caused by the pressure of business, the carrying out of which must have postponed what is of greater importance.

Your excellency will show a great kindness by admitting our sincere apology.

Mohamed Ben Guebbass.