File No. 19913.

The Charge of Austria-Hungary to the Secretary of State.

No. 1396.]

Your Excellency: By direction of my Government I have the honor to call your excellency’s attention to the fact that in the certificate of citizenship issued on October 18, 1900, by the Court of Common Pleas, Fairfield County, Conn., to the former Hungarian subject, Victor Vrecenak (Vreczenyak), of Bridgeport (which is inclosed with the request that it be returned), the said person is designated as a “subject of the Sovereign of Austria,” a form which does not take into account the political status of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy and is not in accordance with the notes exchanged some time ago with the State Department (see department’s note of July 7,1896, No. 121,1 to Prince Wrede and the memorandum under date of June 22,1896),2

I therefore beg to request your excellency’s good offices in bringing the purport of the former memorandum again to the knowledge of the competent American authorities and to kindly endeavor to prevent errors of this nature from recurring in future in the issuance of certificates of naturalization.

Please accept, etc.,

L. Ambrozy.