File No. 8131/10.

The German Ambassador to the Secretary of State.


Mr. Secretary: In its esteemed note of October 18, 1907, No. 8130/6, the State Department declined to empower Consular Agent Harris to take over the German vice consulship in Tripoli, Syria, because the authority to do so is reserved by the Constitution to Congress.

Inasmuch as my Government, despite many efforts, has been unable to find any other suitable person for the Tripoli post, it would appreciate very much if the authorization of Congress could be secured whenever convenient.

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In accordance therefore with my instructions, I beg Your Excellency to be so kind as to take the necessary steps to obtain for Dr. Harris the permission of Congress to assume Chargé of the Imperial German vice consulate at Tripoli.

I take the liberty to add that my Government would especially appreciate the utmost promptness in the matter.

Accept, etc.,

J. Bernstorff.