File No. 534/16.

The Secretary of State to Minister Sherrill.1

No. 13.]

Sir: I have to acknowledge the receipt of your telegram of the 21st instant.2

I also confirm the department’s telegram in reply sent on July 22, in the following words:2

It does not occur to the department that it is necessary to instruct you with respect to the nature and scope of your duties under this arrangement; but, out of abundant caution, it refers you, in case of doubt to Volume IV, pages 584–615, Moore’s International Law Digest, wherein are set forth the general principles as announced by various Secretaries of State touching the use of good offices by American diplomatic and consular officers for citizens of third countries.

You will perceive thereby that your duties are to be confined to the exercise of good offices in behalf of Bolivian citizens and their interests in the Argentine Republic should occasion therefor arise; that you do not in any sense represent the Government of the Argentine Republic diplomatically; that no representative office of any sort on behalf of that Government is bestowed upon you; and that you are not subject to its instructions or orders.

You will report to, and receive instructions from, your own Government only, which you are in no wise to commit or compromise.

I am, etc.,

P. C. Knox.
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