The Belgian Minister to the Secretary of State.


Dear Mr. Secretary of State: I am glad to take this opportunity of pointing out to your attention the fact that amongst the 15 members of the commission appointed by His Majesty to [Page 100] devise the necessary reforms for the Kongo administration only two may be considered as owning financial interests in some of the Kongo companies. The bulk of the commission’s membership is made up of experienced officials of the administration, both civil and military. Furthermore, the three most important members of the commission are Chief Justice van Maldeghem, of the supreme court of Belgium; Attorney-General Janssens, of the same court, who was president of the commission of inquiry sent out to investigate the conditions in the Kongo; and Associate Justice Nys, of the Brussels court of appeals, who is a member of the permanent court of arbitration of The Hague.

I beg to remain, etc.,

Bn. Moncheur.