Acting Secretary of State Bacon to Minister Wilson.

No. 61.]

Sir: I inclose a copy of a letter from Mr. A. McLean, president of the Foreign Christian Missionary Society, of Cincinnati, in which he complains that the officials of the Kongo Free State are not willing to sell land to the society for the location of schools, chapels, homes, and hospitals.

You are requested to inquire as to this matter, and report to the department the results of your investigation.

I am, etc.,

Robert Bacon, Acting Secretary.

Mr. A. McLean to the Secretary of State.

Dear Sir: The Foreign Christian Missionary Society, the representative of the Disciples of Christ, has been engaged for some ten years in mission work on the Kongo. Our station is at Bolgeni. We wish to branch out, but the State officials are not willing to sell us any land upon which to erect schools and chapels and homes and hospitals. This is to confine our labors to one station. We believe that the action of the officials is in violation of the spirit if not the letter of the treaties. This society respectfully asks you to use your good offices to the effect that we may be able to buy land where needed in the prosecution of our work. We shall be very grateful to you for any assistance you may render us in this time of need.

On behalf of the society, I remain, etc.,

A. McLean.