Exhibit No. 1.

[Copy telegram.]

Eugene Casserly,
U. S. Senate, Washington:

Present to joint commission, sitting in Washington, a claim by Archbishop Alemany and Bishop Amat, successors of Francisco Garcia Diego, bishop of the Californias, on behalf of themselves all interested, for the income of proceeds of property belonging to Pious Fund of the missions of California. The fund arose entirely from private contributions, beginning with a donation to the Jesuits, by Marquis of Villa-Puente, in 1735, upon trust for the maintainance and propagation of the faith in California. After 1767 it was administered by trustees, appointed first by the Crown, afterwards by the Republic. The sixth section of act of Mexican Congress, Sepr. 19, 1836, gave administration to the bishop aforesaid, to whom claimants respectively succeeded; it was taken from Diego’s possession by Santa Anna’s decrees February 8th and October 24th, 1842, both of which acknowledge and promise to fulfil the trust. This claim first became due American citizens by treaty Queretaro whereby both trustees and beneficiaries became Americans. Amount is three millions. AIL rents and proceeds received since February 2d, 1848, fall within convention of July 4th, 1868; prior spoliations perhaps released. Thursday is last day.

John T. Doyle.

James Croke, V. G.

For identification.
John T. Doyle.

Before the arbitral court under the Hague Convention, in the case of the United States of America against the Republic of Mexico. Exhibit No. 1 to the deposition of John T. Doyle.

Jas. T. O’Keefe, Notary Public.