Mr. Merry to Mr. Hay.

No. 691.]

Sir: I have the honor to forward herewith the reply of the Government of El Salvador to your request as per your No. 425 of October [Page 837] 25 and No. 429 of December 10, 1901, that Danish subjects in that Republic may be accorded the protection of the United States Government under the same restrictions applicable to the subjects of the Chinese Empire.

You will note that the Government of El Salvador concedes this request. I respectfully await your instructions to so advise our consular officers in that Republic.

With assurances, etc.,

William Lawrence Merry

Mr. Trigueros to Mr. Merry.

Sir: The consul-general of the United States in this Republic has informed me in a note of January 28 last that the minister of Denmark in Washington has requested tlie Government of the United States to obtain from my Government the necessary authority for the diplomatic representative of the Government of your excellency to grant his official protection to the Danish subjects residing in the Republic.

In reply it is my duty to inform your excellency that my Government has no objection to conferring that authorization in order that the diplomatic representatives of the Government of the United States may exercise their good offices in favor of the Danish subjects, with the same restrictions and in the same form that it is permitted them to use their good offices respecting the subjects of the Chinese Empire. I am pleased, etc.,

José Trigueros.