Mr. Hay to Mr. Merry.

No. 425.]

Sir: Referring to the Department’s Nos. 470a and 535,b dated, respectively, July 3, 1896, and February 6, 1897, relative to protection of Chinese subjects in Nicaragua and Salvador by the representatives of the United States in those countries, I inclose a translation of a notec from the Danish minister at Washington explaining that his Government has no representatives in Salvador, and asking that under the circumstances the protection of the United States be extended to Danish subjects and interests in that country.

Your efforts are to be confined to the friendly intervention in case of need for the protection of Danish subjects in their person and property from unjust and harsh treatment. You are not to hold any representative character or function as respects the Danish Government and are to act informally. Before taking any steps in the matter, however, you should represent to the Government of Salvador the wish of the Danish Government and the willingness of your Government to accede thereto, as herein indicated, provided the assent of the authorities of Salvador is entirely favorable.

Its decision upon the subject should be reported to the Department.

I am, etc.

John Hay.