Mr. Clayton to Mr. Hay.

No. 1430.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose copy and translation of a treaty of commerce and navigation between Mexico and Austria-Hungary, [Page 816] signed in this city September 17, 1901, and promulgated by the President of Mexico on the 31st ultimo.

I have, etc.,

Powell Clayton.

Convention between Mexico and Austria-Hungary.

Porfirio Diaz, President of the United Mexican States, to the people thereof:

Know ye, that in this city, on the 17th day of September, 1901, then; was concluded and signed, by the plenipotentiaries duly authorized for the purpose, a convention for the adjustment of the economic relations between the Republic of Mexico and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in the form and tenor following:

The undersigned, duly authorized for the purpose, have agreed that Mexican citizens in Austria and in Hungary, and reciprocally Austrian and Hungarian subjects in Mexico, shall enjoy the privileges of the most favored nation in importation, exportation, transit, and generally in all things relating to commercial operations and navigation, as well as in trade and industries, and in the payment of the imposts relating thereto.

The privilege on the basis of the most favored nation is equally guaranteed by both parties with regard to the admission of consular functionaries and to the prerogatives and immunities attaching to them, and also to their rights in the general exercise of their functions, particularly in the matter of successions.

The present convention shall be valid for the period of six months, counted from the day upon which it may be signed. In the case that either of the parties shall not have notified before the expiration of this term the intention to cause its effects to cease, the said convention shall continue in force for a further term of six months, counted from the day upon which either of the parties may give notice.

  • Ignacio Mariscal.
  • G. Hohenwart.

The foregoing convention was approved in the Senate of the United Mexican States on October 7 of the said year.

It was also approved by the Parliaments of Austria and Hungary and sanctioned by his Majesty the Emperor and Apostolic King.

Considering the character of this convention the exchange of ratifications has not been necessary.

Wherefore, I order that it be printed, published, circulated, and duly observed.

Porfirio Diaz.