Mr. Hill to Mr. Clayton.

No. 664.]

Sir: Referring to the claim known as the “Pious Fund,” the President feels that it would especially redound to the credit of the United States and of Mexico if the two North American Republics might be the first States to submit to The Hague Tribunal for determination by it of an international controversy.

The Department has no doubt that President Diaz would share in the pleasure which all Americans would feel in the high example thus set by two of the leading republics of this hemisphere.

You will, in the exercise of your discretion, bring the matter to the attention of the Mexican Government, in order that, if the suggestion is favorably received, one of the principal advantages of the arbitration may not be lost by a possible prior reference of some other case to that tribunal.

I am, sir, your obedient servant,

David J. Hill,
Acting Secretary.