Mr. Hay to Mr. McCormick.

No. 25.]

Sir: I inclose for investigation and appropriate action a copy of a letter from which it appears that a man named Kristof, an American citizen, is being compelled to perform military service in the army of Austria-Hungary.

His certificate of naturalization is also inclosed, and it has been suggested to Mr. Klein to advise Kristof to address you.

I am, etc.,

John Hay.

Mr. Klein to the Secretary of State.

Sir: Your obedient servant requests kindly to be informed what steps to take to have an American citizen of the United States released who went to Hungary to be cured, and was taken as soldier by the Government of Hungary, and is still serving. Herewith I respectfully beg to inclose his naturalization papers. He has failed to have a passport issued, being that he was so sick that the doctor advised him to leave with the first steamer sailing from this port. The name of the citizen is Kristof, but, as shown in the naturalization papers, his name was misspelled (Kistof). His present address, where he camps, is Joseph Kristof, Company 4, Sixty-seventh Regiment, Eperjes, Hungary, Co. Saros.

Awaiting your kind instructions, I am, etc.,

Adolf Klein.