Mr. Adee to Mr. White.

No. 1381.]

Sir: Referring to the Department’s No. 1377, of the 29th ultimo, I now inclose a copy of a dispatch from the commercial agent at Bamberg relating further to the insult offered to the consulate during the night of June 17 last.

I am, etc.,

Alvey A. Adee,
Acting Secretary.

Mr. Bardel to the Department of State.

Sir: Referring to my dispatch of July 7, 1902, I have the honor to report to-day that the official organ, The Tagblatt, of July 12, 1902, contained a publication of a reward of 100 marks offered by the city government for the capture and legal punishment of the perpetrators of the outrage committed on this post during the night of June 17–18, 1902, as reported in the above-named dispatch.

I inclose a clipping of the newspaper, with translation.

I also send herewith a translation of a communication on the same subject received by me on July 11, 1902. I answered the communication by acknowledging proper receipt of the same in writing and informing the city government that a full report on the unfortunate occurrence had been made by me to the Department of State [Page 436]and that I now await instructions from the Government in the case. I added my best thanks to the city authorities for the sincereness with which they took up this disagreeable matter and expressed the hope that the city would be successful in discovering and punishing the evil doers.

I have, etc.,

Wm. Bardel, Commercial Agent.
[Subinclosure 1.]

Resolution passed June 27, 1902.

The coat of arms affixed at the residence of the American consul in this city was defiled a few weeks ago, and thereupon, after the consul reported the incident to his superiors, the emblem of the office has been, for the time being, taken down.

Proper report has been made. The person who will be able to cause the punishment of the miscreants will be entitled: to a reward of 100 marks; thus the board of aldermen to-day have resolved unanimously.

If the punishment of the evil doers is caused by more than one person, then the reward shall be divided respectively.

City Government,

The mayor of Bamberg to Mr. Bardel.

I send the above for your knowledge, and wish to add that the royal Bavarian district attorney will make public the reward so offered.

  • Brandt, First Mayor,
  • Lochner, Secretary.
[Subinclosure 2.]


During the night of June 17–18, 1902, the coat of arms of the consulate of the United States of America, affixed at the house 130 Franz-Ludwig street, this city, was intentionally defiled. The perpetrators have not as yet been discovered.

All persons who are in position to give information as to the person of the miscreant or miscreants, or who may have made observations which might lead to the discovery of the same, are hereby requested to inform the undersigned authority or the inspector of police as to their knowledge. The city government offers herewith a reward of 100 marks to whoever will cause the legal punishment of the perpetrator or perpetrators.

Royal First District Attorney,
Frauen Knecht.