Mr. Hay to Mr. Conger.

No. 445.]

Sir: I inclose herewith copy of a notea from the Chinese minister at this capital, in which, in view of the fact that the Imperial Court has returned to Peking and peace and order have been restored, and as Tientsin is the port of Peking and the seat of the vice-regal government [Page 185] of Chihli, the opinion is expressed that the city should be restored to the administration of the Chinese authorities, so that the viceroy may assume full charge of his office; and the request is made that I will use my good offices with the Governments of the powers to the end that a date may be fixed for the restoration of Tientsin and its suburbs to Chinese authority.

With a view to uniform suggestion by you to your colleagues I also inclose a copy of the instructiona which I have sent mutatis mutandis to the ambassadors of the United States at London, Paris, Berlin, and Rome, and to the minister at Tokyo, on the subject.

I am, etc.,

John Hay.
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