Mr. Wu to Mr. Hay.

No. 226.]

Sir: Confirming the conversation I had the honor of having with you last Saturday, informing you of my receipt of a telegram from His Excellency Yuan Shih Kai, viceroy of Chihli, regarding the international provisional government at Tientsin, China, I beg to state that, in view of the fact that the Imperial court has returned to Peking, that peace and order have now been completely restored, and as Tientsin is the port of Peking and the seat of the viceregal Government of Chihli, it should at once be restored to the administration of the Chinese authorities, so that the viceroy may assume full charge of his office. Viceroy Yuan states that the foreign ministers in Peking have already expressed their consent to the proposition, but up to this date it has not been carried out.

I am therefore asked to bring the matter before you, with the request that you will kindly use your friendly offices with the Governments of the other great powers, to the end that a day may be fixed for the immediate restoration of the city of Tientsin and its suburbs to the Chinese authorities.

Accept, etc.,

Wu Ting-fang.