Mr. Wu to Mr. Hay.

No. 222.]

Sir: Referring to our conversation and personal correspondence in July last respecting the disposal of the $375,000 in silver bullion taken last year by the American troops from the yamen of the salt-tax commissioner in Tientsin, and understanding that there is every disposition on the part of your Government to give favorable consideration to the question of returning the sum to China, the time and manner of so doing to be determined by the President, I beg now to ask if your Government has yet come to a decision in the matter.

If a favorable decision is arrived at, and as the money is already in this country, and to simplify matters, I would venture to suggest that its return be made through this legation.

If this suggestion should be accepted, I shall be glad to give a proper receipt for the money returned on behalf of my Government.

Accept, etc.,

Wu Ting-fang.