Mr. Bowen to Mr. Hay.


(Mr. Bowen reports that the Venezuelan war vessel Restaurador flew the United States flag at her foremast so as to deceive the revolutionists along the Orinoco and to draw near enough to Ciudad Bolivar to bombard effectively; that she hauled down the United States flag just before beginning to bombard; that the Restaurador is now at La Guaira; that her captain, when questioned by the captain of the U. S. S. Marietta, acknowledged that he flew the United States flag and hauled it down as stated, and apologized.

Mr. Bowen called upon the minister for foreign affairs and said, “Your captain has dishonored our flag. He should be ordered to raise it and salute it, and your Government should apologize;” and reports that the minister for foreign affairs replied that he had not heard about the incident, and asked for a delay of several days in order to investigate. Mr. Bowen gave him twenty hours, and stated that he should then cable the facts to the Department of State.

The minister for foreign affairs being ill, the assistant secretary of state was sent this morning (September 24) to call on Mr. Bowen at the legation, and expressed regret on behalf of his Government that the United States flag had been displayed by the captain of the Restaurador, to whom orders have been issued to raise and salute it.

Mr. Bowen states that the Venezuelan Government acted very promptly and courteously in the matter.)