General Lee to Mr. Day.

Mobs, led by Spanish officers, attacked to-day the offices of the four newspapers here advocating autonomy. Rioting at this hour, 1 p.m., continues.

Much excitement, which may develop into serious disturbances. The trouble commenced by those who oppose autonomy, and so far is directed against those who advocate it. No rioting at present, but rumors of it are abundant. Palace heavily guarded. Consulate also protected by armed men.

After a day and night of excitement, all business suspended, and rioting, everything quiet at this hour. City heavily guarded. Soldiers [Page 1025] protect public squares and threatened points. Mobs shouted yesterday “Death to Blanco and death to autonomy,” while “Viva Weyler” was frequently heard. Contest between Spanish factions. Attention has not yet been directed to other issues. Heard once yesterday of a few rioters shouting a proposal to march to our consulate. Presence of ships may be necessary later, but not now.