Mr. Woodford to Mr. Sherman.

No. 140.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt on Sunday morning, February 13 instant, of telegram from the Department as follows:1

I have this Monday morning, February 14 instant, telegraphed you as follows:1

This note to the Spanish minister for foreign affairs was delivered at his office and receipt obtained this Monday morning at about 10 o’clock, so that it can be considered by the council of ministers, which, as I understand, has been called for to-day at 12 o’clock.

To complete the files of the Department I inclose herewith complete copy of such note.

I have, etc.,

Stewart L. Woodford.
[Inclosure in No. 140.]

Mr. Woodford to Señor Gullon.

No. 63.]

Excellency: On the afternoon of last Thursday, the 10th day of February, and after the adjournment of His Majesty’s council of ministers, I had the honor to call upon your excellency and to read to you a copy of a telegram which I had received that morning from my Government, and which related to a letter written by the Spanish minister at Washington. I then stated that I would communicate to my Government at once by telegraph such answer as your excellency might make, and I left with you a copy of such telegram and statement. I understood your excellency to reply that the Spanish Government sincerely regretted the indiscretion of the Spanish minister at Washington, [Page 1013] and that his resignation had been asked and accepted by cable before our then interview.

I telegraphed to my Government at once that the resignation had been asked and accepted by cable before our then interview.

It is possible that I misunderstood your excellency in what was said about the minister’s resignation having been asked by your Government.

It is now the fourth day since I had the honor of calling upon your excellency, and I have not yet had the satisfaction of receiving any formal indication that His Majesty’s Government regrets and disavows the language and sentiments which were employed and expressed in such letter addressed by the Spanish minister at Washington to a distinguished Spanish citizen.

It is my hope and pleasure to believe that the Spanish Government can not have received the text of the letter written by Señor Dupuy de Lome to Señor Canalejas, in regard to which I called upon your excellency last Thursday, and it therefore becomes my duty to acquaint your excellency with the following extracts from such letter, which are notably objectionable to my Government:

  • First: “El mensaje ha desenganado á los insurrectos que esperaban otra cosa y ha paralizado la acción del Congreso, pero yo lo considero malo ademas de la natural é inevitable grosería con que se repite cuanto ha dicho de Weyler la prensa y la opinion en España demuestra una vez más lo que es McKinley debil y populachero y ademas un politicastro que quiere dejarse una puerta abierta y quedar bien con los jingoes de su partido.”
  • Second: “Seria muy importante que se ocuparan aunque no fuera más que para efecto de las relaciones comerciales y que se enviase aquí un hombre de importancia para que yo le usara aquí para hacer propaganda entre los senadores y otros en oposición á la junta y para ir———emigrantes.”

The last word before “emigrantes,” and which I have indicated by a dash, is almost illegible.

I beg to point out to your excellency the insulting character of the first passage and the insincerity which underlies the suggestions of the second.

I avail myself, etc.,

Stewart L. Woodford.
  1. Printed ante.
  2. Printed ante.