Mr. Cambon to Mr. Day.


Mr. Secretary of State: I am informed that the Spanish sailing-vessel Amapala, on her way to Mexico from Havana, had, by reason of bad weather, to take shelter at Tampa, where she was held as a prize.

The situation of the passengers landed at Tampa will attract the attention of the Federal Government, which will undoubtedly be of opinion that they must be transported to Mexico by some means similar to those previously adopted in the case of the crews and passengers of vessels captured by the Navy of the United States.

However, in view of the vis major circumstances which led the Amapala to seek a shelter in the harbor of Tampa, I am fain to believe that the Federal Government will not consider that vessel as a prize taken in consequence of an act of war, but will allow her to proceed on her voyage, as other governments have generously decided under similar circumstances.

Be pleased to accept, etc.,

Jules Cambon.