Mr. Woodford to Mr. Sherman.


Following is text of my reply to official note received this morning at 7.30 o’clock from Spanish minister of state:

I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt this morning of your note of this date informing me that the Spanish minister at Washington has been ordered to withdraw with all his legation and without loss of time from North American territory. You also inform me that by this act diplomatic relations between the two countries are broken off; that all official communication between their respective representatives ceases. I have accordingly this day telegraphed the American consul-general at Barcelona to instruct all the consular representatives of the United States in Spain to turn their respective consulates over to the British consuls and to leave Spain at once. I have myself turned this legation over to Her Britannic Majesty’s embassy at Madrid. That embassy will from this time have the care of all American interests in Spain. I now request passports and safe conduct to the French frontier for myself and the personnel of this legation. I intend leaving this afternoon at 4 o’clock for Paris. I avail myself, etc.