Mr. Sherman to Mr. Woodford.


House of Representatives, 324 to 19, passed yesterday afternoon resolution authorizing and directing the President to intervene at once to stop the war in Cuba, with the purpose of securing peace and order there and establishing, by the free action of the people thereof, a stable and independent government of their own, and empowering him to use the land and naval forces to execute that purpose.

Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs reported yesterday resolution declaring that the people of the Island of Cuba are and of right ought to be free and independent, demanding that Spain relinquish authority and government in Cuba and withdraw land and naval forces therefrom, and empowering the President to use Army and Navy and militia to carry resolution into effect. It will probably be decisively voted to-day.

Ultimate resolution in conference cannot now be forecast, but will doubtless direct intervention by force if need be to secure free Cuba. The situation is most critical.

John Sherman.