Mr. Woodford to Mr. Sherman.

No. 105.]

Sir: I have the, honor to acknowledge the receipt, on December 27 instant, of Department’s dispatch 95, of December 11 instant, acknowledging [Page 655] receipt by Department of my No. 81, of November 27 ultimo, transmitting duplicate copies of each of the three decrees signed by Her Majesty the Queen Regent on November 25 ultimo, and which extend the provisions of the Spanish constitution over Cuba, fix the electoral laws of Cuba, and establish the new system of autonomy therein.

There was no official correspondence between the Spanish minister of foreign affairs and myself in regard to his sending me copy of the decree establishing the new system of autonomy in Cuba. It was sent as a personal courtesy by him and was promptly acknowledged by a personal call. There is no correspondence in regard to this matter needed to complete the Department’s records.

I have, etc.,

Stewart L. Woodford.