Mr. Sherman to Mr. Woodford.

No. 43.]

Sir: Your dispatch of the 20th ultimo is at hand acknowledging telegram received by you signed “Day,” as stated, and confirming your telegram of 19th instant. Your interview with the Duke of Tetuan is noted with interest. In view of the reported change of ministry in Spain, I presume we may expect the answer to the tender of the good offices on the part of the United States, as authorized by your instruction of July 16, will be somewhat delayed. I have just received your cable of the 4th instant announcing the formation of a new ministry. The President hopes you will take an early opportunity to communicate the condition of affairs in Spain and the probable attitude of the new ministry compared with that of the preceding one.

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As to the claim on the part of the Duke of Tetuan, that this country has been negligent in restraining material aid and assistance to the insurgents, you are well aware of the great difficulty experienced in policing so extensive a coast as we have, and, as so clearly and ably stated by you to the duke, our Government has used every legitimate means to preserve our international obligations to Spain and to prevent unlawful expeditions against her sovereignty.

The President awaits full and early information of the situation, which will no doubt be acted upon by the new ministry.

Very respectfully,

John Sherman.